You don't have to be a fossil to be exhibited in a museum!

People Exhibit Become a Museum Exhibit!
V. Cook from PA, USA at Stonehenge, England 5/97.

Take your official Rattlesnake Museum T-shirt with you and have your picture taken while wearing it at a well known, unusual, funny or recognizable location. Send the picture back to us where it will become part of an ever growing display. Get those creative juices flowing!

Send your photo to:
American International Rattlesnake Museum
202 San Felipe, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104-1426

For more information call: (505) 242-6569

On the back of the photo include your name, address, phone number, date and location of photo (whether it's obvious or not). Also include names of others, if there are more than one, wearing the Museum T-shirt in the photo. Write lightly to avoid creasing the photograph.

Want a shirt? No problem! Call us at (505) 242-6569 or go to our Gift Shop!

Take care of that T-shirt! Turn it inside out for washing, wash in warm water and dry on warm setting. Never use detergent with built-in bleach.

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